How to Organize your Passwords

Remember and Organize Your Passwords With These Top Apps

Leonardo da Vinci was known for his eidetic memory, but if you don't have one, you need to get a password manager. If you are still using your child's birthday, the name of your spouse or "Password123" as your password, you are leaving your sensitive information in a precarious position. Whether you manage a solo entrepreneurship or a growing business, your passwords need to be properly organized, strong in performance and kept secure in order for them to function as intended. Keep these top technology tools for passwords in mind for your growing company.


1Password is a password manager that allows users to store various passwords, software licences, and other confidential materials in a virtual vault.  It is then stored on the companies servers. All you need is 1 password to remember them all. It integrates directly into your browser so when you go to a site you need a password for, 1Password pops up, you type in your master password, and it will auto-populate the password for that site.  It will also generate passwords for you when a new site prompts you to create a new account.


LastPass, like many others, allows users to store various passwords in an online vault.  The only thing you need to remember is one password. From there, if you’re using LastPass on your desktop, you can get the browser extension that automatically will fill in your password when you go to a specific site.  LastPass allows you to add sites, has a built-in password generator, and will autofill every password for you. You can also add all of your digital records to LastPass from your insurance cards to membership numbers to even your Wifi passwords.  Once nice feature is that you have the ability to share all of your passwords with others. It’s easy and you can remove access once they are done with it. Finally, it is all locally encrypted so you never have to worry.


Dashlane imports passwords for browsers and uses two-factor authentication for logins and transactions. It will fill in web forms and provide you with a browser menu of logins. Dashlane also delivers actionable password strength reports on a schedule that you can customize. Dashlane will automatically generate a new password when an application, piece of software or website service requires it.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password also imports passwords for internet browsers and uses a two-factor authentication process. The software fills in web forms and multiple-identity forms. This tool can also handle application passwords for different pieces of software on your computer or that you access from a network.


Keeper provides password importing, two-factor authentication and web form filling services. The tool also offers secure sharing and digital legacy password organizational services. You can set up this software to deliver an actionable password strength report for all of your accounts. It works on one operating system at a time, such as the same iOS version across multiple devices.

Password Boss

Password Boss is ideal for people who use multiple devices with different operating systems. It syncs across all of your iOS, Android and Windows devices. The tool uses two-factor authentication, and it offers secure sharing and password legacy inheritance. It will fill in web forms for you. Password Boss generates passwords of up to 20 characters in length.

Now that you know about the top tools for organizing passwords, you can implement the one that offers the features you need for making your life easier and your digital marketing information secure.