Photographer:  Matt Ramage

Photographer: Matt Ramage


Hi, I’m Katrina and I make good ideas louder.  As a social impact entrepreneur, I like to work on large-scale communications projects that make the world a better place.

In the past, I created a television show to inspire adults to learn to read, a children’s books for families to share, and from 2012 - 2016,  a technology company to tell stories of people around the world.

Running a tech startup is an amazing experience. Not only did we collect impactful stories from thirty-six different countries, we contributed to furthering hundreds of causes such as equality, indigenous rights, cancer research and supporting our veterans.

I also learned a tremendous amount about digital marketing and reaching online audiences from some of the best digital marketers and technology gurus in North America.

When that company went under in 2016, I was shattered. It wasn’t just the financial loss, I also the feeling that I wasn’t contributing to people’s lives anymore. I just felt - lost.

As I was picking up the pieces, people started to ask me to help them with the digital marketing for their companies.

Now, as I work with clients from tech startups to hr consultants (and everything in between) I’m able to show them ways to use technology tools to make their businesses better. I’m a strong believer that most entrepreneurs go into business because they believe that they can make people’s lives better in some way. I want to help them get there.

Not only are my clients seeing more sales, they are also feeling excited and in control of their marketing. I love giving each person a sense of peace  - and helping them achieve their business goals.

Today, I work with consulting clients and I’ve made the my unique process available through my book and video training series, “Action Tracking: Master your Digital Marketing Strategy in Under 30 Days”.  I have a couple of side-hustles ( and and I regularly speak, train and provide media interviews.

I’m also particularly passionate about helping more women use technology in their businesses and start careers in tech. In 2018, I won the International Women in Tech ® Women in Communications Award (this is kind of like winning the Olympics for me). My volunteer work with UNICEF Canada and Seeds for Dreams also contributes to this mission.

If you have read this far, you are straight-up awesome. Let’s stay connected. Feel free to add me on Linkedin and let’s make the world a better place (using tech and communications) together.

Katrina, a trailblazer with incredible joie de vivre, has the innate ability to create and champion projects, ideas, and causes in ways that engage and invite the participation and support of others. She is a gifted communicator, leader, and visionary who is an inspiration to all who have worked with her.
— Debbie Griffith, former employer
Katrina cares deeply about people and relationships. She thrives in complex environments where she’s quick to envision possibilities and mobilize those around her to make positive change. At her core, she’s a strategic storyteller and thoughtful, deliberate leader.
— Lisa Erickson, former colleague
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If you get the chance to work with Katrina, do.
At Angel Entertainment, we’ve contracted Katrina to manage online presence - with a particular focus on social media - on more than one show. A consummate professional, Katrina delivers exactly what we need, on an ongoing basis, and when we need it. I can heartily recommend her for your production - or for your company.”
— Bob Crowe, Owner of Angel Entertainment
Katrina joined our team at a time when we really needed to step up into the online advertising market. With her vast knowledge of social media and her past track record of success we knew she would be a good fit for our online school. Her drive and passion to create and generate new ideas opened our eyes to more and more possibilities, and her direction was spot on with what we wanted. Her initiative, energy and sense of humor made Katrina great to work with.”
— Chris MacAulay, IT Manager