Katrina German
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I Make Good Ideas Louder.

Business. Communications. Technology.

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Katrina German

Hey, I'm Katrina. 

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and mentor specializing in communications, technology and digital strategy.

I get it - You're busy. Let me show you the best tech programs to save time, reach your clients and help you make more money. 

How to Build and Launch Your Digital Strategy in Under 30 Days

  • Don't Guess: Get clear on the messaging that will inspire your ideal client to take action 
  • Don't Waste Time: Minimize the time spent on social media by staying focused
  • Don't Waste Money: Easily measure the return on investment for digital activities
  • Don't Worry: Step-by-Step instructions to get 'er done within 30 days. 

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Katrina is an extraordinary woman. Passionate, entrepreneurial, talented, knowledgeable and extremely savvy.

 - Sarah Wheelwright, Trusted Online Directories


The very personable Katrina German brings imagination, determination, passion, hard work, and tech savvy know-how to all she does. If you need those qualities, she’s the one!

 - Patricia Katz, The Art of Making More of Life

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