Let Action Tracking help you master your digital marketing

Don’t worry if digital isn’t your thing! We have all the tools to help get you from “There are too many options! I feel overwhelmed! I don’t know how to do social media” to “I’ve got this! My company is seeing return on investment in the digital realm!” and “My company is finally achieving its potential because I have everything set up properly.”

Heres how we can start working together:

Get started on your own with the action tracking process

Feel like Action Tracking is something you can handle on your own with some great step-by-step guides? Then purchase the book and follow along with the training courses (coming soon).

Capacity Building COnsulting

Do you or someone on your team have the drive and capacity to take this on, but need some hands on training and more in-depth insights? Then contact us to book a time to discuss what it is you and your team want to learn about.

Consulting services

Still feeling overwhelmed? Want a passionate team to take this all off of your plate? Need more in-depth strategy planning?
Just want to learn more?

Action Tracking a step-by-step process that allows you to find the marketing messages that cause people to actually take action, like visiting your website and making a purchase, rather than just giving your post a “like” and going about their day. 

In my current consulting practice, my clients range from human resource consultants to financial products, technology startups to used car dealers, t-shirt sales to home builders. They are all seeing a sharp increase in the number of leads from social media using the Action Tracking technique. 

In addition to seeing a return, they are also reporting greater understanding of their clients, markets and potential features. Most importantly, they are feeling in control, calm and confident about their digital activities. 

Action Tracking is the method to help you make decisions about your digital marketing that benefit your clients and your company. It’s the step-by-step, guided tour that can help you change your mindset about digital media, follow a plan, focus on important returns, and measure the results. 

This journey doesn’t need to be scary or difficult. In the end, all you are doing is helping people more effectively and efficiently discover your amazingness.

Through my process, we tackle social media, website conversion and email strategy. This will probably sound daunting — but you are not flying blind.  I'm going to walk you through the modern buyer’s journey and show you the step-by-step process for optimizing your digital strategy so you can be the envy of other entrepreneurs and organizations. 

We’re going to eliminate the noise and only focus on the actions that will show a return on investment. 

You will learn (and it will be fun) how to:

  •  Think about your client’s digital journey towards buying your product or service

  • Use Google as your secret weapon

  • Steer potential buyers to your website

  • Choose the right social media platforms to move traffic to your site

  • Test your website to increase sales

  • Set up an email automation to keep your existing and potential clients happy and ready to buy again

Still not sure? Contact us and see what we can do together to master your digital marketing.

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“Katrina has brought our marketing to a whole new level. From Facebook and Google ads to creating a new website, she has been a rockstar. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level in all areas. Thanks Katrina for all you have done to help us!”

- Morris Interactive

“Katrina has been a valuable member of our start up team. She is experienced, talented and her colleagues are true professionals. She is 5 stars in my book.”

- Joe Donlevy