Action Tracking:

Master your Digital Marketing Strategy in Under 30 Days

Intended for the entrepreneurs, small business owners and intrapreneurs who are in charge of their digital strategy, this book covers:

  • Social Media Strategy: What platforms to post on, how to test your messaging for maximum return on investment and how to ensure your social media is working.

  • Website Conversion: How to measure the effectiveness of your website and how to make your website the superhero sales person on your team.

  • Email Strategy: What do you need to know to keep your clients (and potential clients) happy and buying through this secret weapon.

Let’s Set this all up within 30 Days (and have fun while doing it) through step-by-step guided instructions. This is a quick read with a big impact.

“I’m an entrepreneur with lots of technical experience, some sales experience but very little marketing experience. I found every chapter valuable and easy to read. I loved the bits of humour here and there. You made me feel like, even with no experience, I could follow your process and get good results. “
— Krystian Olszanski

This book is for:

  • Entrepreneurs with a small, fierce team focused on a goal

  • Solopreneurs that are dedicated to setting their digital strategy up right

  • Established business people who want to "do better" with digital

  • Intrapreneurs (people that act like entrepreneurs within a larger organization)

  • Business owners that want to understand how to manage their digital teams 

You will learn (and it will be fun) how to:

  • Think about your client’s digital journey towards buying your product or service

  • Use Google as your secret weapon

  • Steer potential buyers to your website

  • Choose the right social media platforms to move traffic to your site

  • Test your website to increase sales

  • Set up an email automation to keep your existing and potential clients happy and ready to buy again

“Katrina has taken a subject that can be dry and has given it a fun side. I am someone that struggles with testing what advertising is working and not working in my business, so I will be implementing her ideas to see where I can tweak my time and boost my company’s image. Thank you Katrina for being willing to share years of your work with us.”
— Louise Stuart, owner of Lake & Country Realty Ltd. and Water Tower Gallery.

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About the Author:

Katrina German is an award-winning entrepreneur specializing in communications, technology and digital strategy. She is a seasoned executive, leader and strategist who has reached millions of people through digital storytelling and online media. Katrina is in the CBC Future 40 Under 40, has won the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Entrepreneurship, Startup Canada Prairie Award for Innovation, and just won the prestigious International Women in Tech award for "Women in Communications". Katrina is a strong believer in measured results, radical creativity and using technology to improve workflow. Read more about Katrina.