How to Start a Vlog in 3 Easy Steps

I met up with indie filmmaker John T. Trigonis for a five-minute interview on the streets of his hometown as he walked to work. In our quick conversation, he talked about a daily vlogging project he had started as a means of personal self-expression but which later evolved into a remarkable digital marketing tool for building his influence and personal brand.

Here are some tips he shared with me about how to start a vlog:

1. Use a Reliable Smartphone

All you really need to start vlogging is a smartphone -- preferably one that doesn’t shut off in the middle of a live broadcast. We had a good laugh about that one because his iPhone died from the cold weather as we were walking and talking live with our Facebook audience! Remember, you don’t need fancy apps and expensive gear -- just a smartphone will do.

2. Have a Daily Topic in Mind

John shared how he often starts out with a Daoist philosophical quote that he gets from a book. It gives him a focal point for the day’s vlog. He doesn’t have to stress out over what to talk about since he just uses a short quote. The vlog basically creates itself as he shares his commentary. This also gives him a consistent theme and continuity so that his viewers know what to expect every day.

3. Keep It Simple

He also shared that he usually just records one take and then posts it. He specifically refuses to watch the video before posting because he knows that he will critique every little thing about it and end up doing six or more takes before he is satisfied. Being overly critical would defeat his purpose of doing a quick and easy vlog every day.

When you obsess about every little thing and try to create the most amazing content on the planet every single time, it wears you out. When you keep it simple, however, the process becomes more enjoyable and less stressful.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be complicated. Vlogging can be a great way to connect with your target audience, promote your business, and build your power and influence in your niche. And all it takes is a simple daily practice using technology that you likely already have in your pocket. Follow these three vlogging tips to get your vlog started and see what kind of impact this daily practice can make over time.