How Salon Scale Used the Action Tracking Process to Increase Sales

SalonScale is a tech company that helps salons manage the use of their hair colouring products by accurately measuring the exact cost of each salon’s desired amount. They do this using their SalonScale app that combines a bluetooth scale with an online dashboard, but it wasn’t always this easy. In 2017, founder Alicia Soulier and her husband Ryan were running a successful hair salon when they discovered there was a problem measuring the hair colour for different lengths of hair and charging clients accordingly. They developed the app, saved their clients thousands of dollars, and now use their business to empower stylists across the country. I love that they used the Action Tracking process to get this result! 

"We used Action Tracking to develop our digital marketing strategy in May of 2019 and the results have been amazing! In just 3 months we’ve spent a total of $815 on digital marketing since then and have received over $6000 in ROI, spending on average than $1.20/per click thanks to our dialled in messaging. 

Action Tracking was what we needed to get started with our digital marketing campaigns. We were in the process of fine-tuning our core messaging and after using the Action Tracking method we were able to understand what our customers were truly responding to so we could get the most out of our marketing budget. The book makes the implementation process very simple to follow and provides great tips to create successful digital marketing campaigns.

Highly recommend Action Tracking to anyone that is looking to dial in their messaging. Our entire team had fun implementing it by placing bets on which message we thought would be the winner  - it was never what we thought!" 

Keep it up guys, because you are definitely a 10/10 on my scale (although my scale is not nearly as cool as yours).