How to get $300,000 in leads in under four months

Morris Interactive is a human resource and business consulting firm that specializes in helping

organizations in various industries succeed. These markets include Indigenous, Agricultural,

Financial Services, Mining, Oil and Gas, Healttcare, Transportation, Government and Non-profit

organizations . The team had already had many successes in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario

and Colorado, but they wanted to expand into new markets. They knew that 2019 was their

year to shine.

Mathew Cey, the CEO, was leading the high-growth plan and adding staff to his team to meet

the new goals. He decided to move his marketing from an outside firm to handling it internally,

and he knew that he was going to need to train some of his new staff in digital marketing skills.

Chris Cey (yes, they’re cousins) had just been hired and was well-suited to lead the social

media, website and email strategies. They brought me in to train the staff and make sure that

the digital strategy was performing.

When we started, the Morris Interactive website was beautiful but was not converting any

clients. There were a few automated social media posts that went out weekly, but posting was

often a second thought that fell through the cracks. There were a few Google ads running but

they were not bringing in any new clients.

Chris and I started the Action Tracking process and although we sent several hundred people

to the website in the first week, there were no conversions. Not one person reached out for

more information or to get a quote. We decided to pause our social media tests and use

Squarespace to relaunch their website. Within two weeks the new site was ready. Within two

days of launching, there were already two companies that reached out for quotes.

As we continued the Action Tracking process, we sent many more people to the website

through social media and Google ads. The sales team landed a contract that paid for my fees

within the month. The best part was the crazy sales pipeline that was building up - it was

worth $300,000 in solid leads in under four months and the pipeline is still growing at that

rate because Chris and his team are now trained and continuing the good work.

“We have opened upnew markets ad contacts for our services,” shares Mathew. “Working with

Katrina paid off within the month and our company is in a position to reach our revenue targets

for the year. The best part is that we can create even more impact for more communities and


Chris was equally pleased with the results. He explains “I didn’t have any experience with

social media before we started but I was ready to learn. I’m so excited about the results and

knowing that I can continue to bring in more clients through our digital strategy. Katrina’s the


No, you guys are. Good luck!!