Past and PResent Projects


Katrina is currently looking for a new project, either as full-time employment or a dedicated contract. Please use the contact form below to submit opportunities. 

Katrina is a creative thinker and free spirit who has a natural ability to inspire others. Whether she is working to develop an idea, implement a plan of action, or promote a cause, Katrina’s good nature and professionalism shines.
— Bonnie Zink, Knowledge Mobilization and Digital Consultant
[Katrina] is industrious, resourceful, honest and possesses an inherent entrepreneurial spirit. Her drive and ability to explain her vision to her peers helps bring ideas to fruition.
— Elizabeth Heggie, employee
Katrina brings a wonderful sense of story, imagination, humour, and enthusiasm to all that she does. It is these traits, along with her good work ethic and hard working nature, that has made her a force to be reckoned with as digital marketer. That combined with her curiosity, keeps her ahead of the curve.
— Erica Hargreave, Digital & Transmedia Strategy, Storytelling & Communications
Katrina joined our team at a time when we really needed to step up into the online advertising market. With her vast knowledge of social media and her past track record of success we knew she would be a good fit for our online school. Her drive and passion to create and generate new ideas opened our eyes to more and more possibilities, and her direction was spot on with what we wanted. Her initiative, energy and sense of humor made Katrina great to work with.
— Chris MacAulay, IT Guy
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