Top 5 Trends from CES

At the recent CES show in Las Vegas, tech companies from around the world shared their hardware and software innovations. Here are the Top 5 Trends that stood out for me from the show.

Artificial Intelligence: There were several companies that scanned your face as you walked by their booth and were able to instantly provide information on screens about your gender, approximate age and your mood. My moods tended to move between neutral, happy or surprised, depending on the face I was making. The software could also provide information on whether you were a new or returning shopper for stores that wanted to track you as a customer.  This technology has interesting implications for your shopping experience in the future.

AI for monitoring shoppers

Robots: There were countries around the world displaying robots that provided services for your home and office. Some of them were able to attend meetings for you while showing the live video you were recording on your phone.  <Video>. Others provided emotional support and still others were there to entertain you.

Drones: As governments around the world struggle to define their relationships with drones, companies are creating new and more efficient models. While some companies aim to create drones that are smaller, others are pushing the size-limits of past models. One of the coolest displays was of a drone that could charge itself just be being in proximity to to a power source - it did not need to be plugged in.

Autonomous and Flying Vehicles:  Many of the major (and future) car dealers were there to show the future of public and private transportation. From autonomous small scale buses to futuristic flying helicopters, getting around our cities will be drastically changing in the next ten years.

Personal Entertainment:  Razor-thin TV’s and curved TV displays were on impressive display.