Katrina German

I make good ideas louder.  


Hey, I'm Katrina

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur specializing in communications, technology and digital strategy. As a seasoned executive, leader and strategist, I have created campaigns and digital products that have reached millions of people through storytelling and online media. In fifteen years in communications, I have worn many hats -Tech startup CEO, fundraiser, digital strategist, community manager, writer, television producer and host, video editor, speaker, and trainer.

If you have an idea you want to take to the next level, let's talk. 

Strategies and Tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Business.


Secrets of Storytelling

Attention women entrepreneurs!  You're busy. I get it. What if I can show tools to make your business more manageable and help you to achieve your goals in this online training?


Consulting Services

Katrina provides consulting services to entrepreneurs and the marketing departments for small and medium sized businesses.                                

Katrina is an extraordinary woman. Passionate, entrepreneurial, talented, knowledgeable and extremely savvy.
— Sara Wheelwright, Trusted Online Directories
The very personable Katrina German brings imagination, determination, passion, hard work, and tech savvy know-how to all she does. If you need those qualities, she’s the one!
— Patricia Katz, The Art of Making More of Life

You want to get your idea OUT THERE

Whether you are starting a new venture, launching a product, working on your brand, learning a new digital tool or simply refreshing your Linkedin profile - I can help you out. I know how hard it is to make a vision become reality and sometimes you just need to work with someone who has your back.

Peace of Mind

Turn "I don't know" into "Thank goodness this project is moving forward." 

Knowledgeable Guidance

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time learning and implementing digital projects. I love this stuff.

PErsonable SErvice

I like tech, love entrepreneurs and generally like people. So...let's hang out and do a project.


Storyteller and Public Speaker

Katrina regularly speaks and trains groups about innovation, women and business, leadership and startup life. 

If you get the chance to work with Katrina, do.
At Angel Entertainment, we’ve contracted Katrina to manage online presence - with a particular focus on social media - on more than one show. A consummate professional, Katrina delivers exactly what we need, on an ongoing basis, and when we need it. I can heartily recommend her for your production - or for your company.
— Bob Crowe, Owner of Angel Entertainment
Katrina joined our team at a time when we really needed to step up into the online advertising market. With her vast knowledge of social media and her past track record of success we knew she would be a good fit for our online school. Her drive and passion to create and generate new ideas opened our eyes to more and more possibilities, and her direction was spot on with what we wanted. Her initiative, energy and sense of humor made Katrina great to work with.
— Chris MacAulay, IT Manager