Whether you want to convert more people to clients on your website, automate your internal processes for more sales or teach your staff some cool digital magic, I've got you covered. 


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Step 2: Book a Free Consultation

Wanna talk? If you need a little bit of extra help sorting out some of your digital or social media needs, let me know. I also love developing neat tech and working on interesting digital projects. 


Step 3: Select Services

If you know what you need and you want to dive in and get started, here are some of the services that we can offer. I work with teams of experts that specialize in each area to bring you high service value with lower costs. 


Step 4: Training

I provide one-to-one mentoring, workshops, small group training and keynote presentations. 

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Sign up for this FREE step-by-step video training program and learn the best tech tools for:

- Social media: It's time consuming. I'll show you how to automate & measure ROI.

-Operations: Keep yourself and your staff productive and running like a well-oiled machine. 

 - Sales: Organize your leads and feel completely in control as you boost sales.

 - Finance: Keep bookkeeping organized and billing costs at a minimum with these tools.


If you are a part of the 94% of women entrepreneurs that believe technology is the key to success in your business, yet you are reluctant to try new tech because of your lack of time, comfort or training -


Change your mindset from

I don't have time to explore new technologies

I'm too nervous to try new software.

I didn't even know that solution existed.

That technology is for guys.

I'm not an early adopter of technology.

There are too many options....Into

I've Got This. I'm a tech-lovin' business BOSS.

I first met Katrina through a networking social media panel and immediately put into play some of her suggestions for social media within a small business. I wanted some extra assistance so reached out to her for some training specific to one of the programs I was utilizing...She genuinely cared if I was understanding and how I was wanting to place my company in the social media world. I feel I have a set up I can easily manage as I juggle a few different areas as most small business owners do. She simplified the process and it was like lifting a weight off my shoulders. Walking away I knew Katrina and I would be spending more time together in the future as I saw many ways she would be able to assist me as my business grows. If you are a women entrepreneur who wants technology to work for you and simplify processes I would highly recommend you contact Katrina to discuss your situation.
— Carla Browne, Real Canadian Property Management Professionals

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