I make good ideas louder.  

I’m a seasoned executive, leader and strategist that has influenced millions of people through digital storytelling and online media. 

Through my fifteen years in communications, I have worn many hats - CEO, fundraiser, digital strategist, community manager, writer, television producer and host, video editor, speaker, and trainer. I am a strong believer in measured results, radical creativity and using technology to improve workflow. 



For four years, I was the CEO of OneStory.com, an award-winning technology company dedicated to crowdsourcing interviews about important topics.

Our clients included United Nations Women, CBC, Dalai Lama Fellows, and many others. We collected thousands of video stories from thirty-six countries about such topics as women’s rights, racism, and the future of corporate social responsibility.

I'm now dedicating my time to helping entrepreneurs improve their businesses by getting comfortable with technology. 



Katrina, a trailblazer with incredible joie de vivre, has the innate ability to create and champion projects, ideas, and causes in ways that engage and invite the participation and support of others. She is a gifted communicator, leader, and visionary who is an inspiration to all who have worked with her.
— Debbie Griffith, former employer
Katrina cares deeply about people and relationships. She thrives in complex environments where she’s quick to envision possibilities and mobilize those around her to make positive change. At her core, she’s a strategic storyteller and thoughtful, deliberate leader.
— Lisa Erickson, former colleague